封装一个子动画,父动画可以显式的运行它。 由 animateChild 函数进行初始化和返回。

Encapsulates a child animation, that can be run explicitly when the parent is run. Instantiated and returned by the animateChild function.

      interface AnimationAnimateChildMetadata extends AnimationMetadata {
  options: AnimationOptions | null

  // 继承自 animations/AnimationMetadata
  type: AnimationMetadataType


options: AnimationOptions | null

一个配置对象,包含一个延迟和一些由开发人员定义的参数,这些参数用于提供样式的默认值,并可在调用时重写。 默认延迟为 0。

An options object containing a delay and developer-defined parameters that provide styling defaults and can be overridden on invocation. Default delay is 0.