Options that control animation styling and timing.


      interface AnimationOptions {
  delay?: number | string
  params?: {...}


下列动画函数可以接受 AnimationOptions 数据:

The following animation functions accept AnimationOptions data:

利用 AnimationBuilder 服务构建程序化动画时也会用到 AnimationBuilder

Programmatic animations built using the AnimationBuilder service also make use of AnimationOptions.


delay?: number | string

设置第一个动画动作开始前的延迟时间。 包括一个数字和一个可选的时间单位,比如 "1s" 表示一秒,"10ms" 表示十毫秒。 默认单位是毫秒。 默认值为 0,表示不延迟。

Sets a time-delay for initiating an animation action. A number and optional time unit, such as "1s" or "10ms" for one second and 10 milliseconds, respectively.The default unit is milliseconds. Default value is 0, meaning no delay.

params?: { [name: string]: any; }

一组可由开发人员来定义的参数,用于在动画开始时修改样式和时序。 这是一组键值对,它所提供的值会用做默认值。

A set of developer-defined parameters that modify styling and timing when an animation action starts. An array of key-value pairs, where the provided value is used as a default.