封装一些动画查询选项。 传给 query() 函数。

Encapsulates animation query options. Passed to the query() function.

      interface AnimationQueryOptions extends AnimationOptions {
  optional?: boolean
  limit?: number

  // 继承自 animations/AnimationOptions
  delay?: number | string
  params?: {...}


optional?: boolean

如果该查询是可选的,则为 true,如果必选则为 false。默认为 false。 当执行该查询时,如果没有取到元素,则必选查询会抛出错误,而可选查询则不会。

True if this query is optional, false if it is required. Default is false. A required query throws an error if no elements are retrieved when the query is executed. An optional query does not.

limit?: number

从查询中返回的结果数上限。 如果为负值,则从查询列表的末尾往前进行截取,直到上限。 默认情况下,结果无上限。

A maximum total number of results to return from the query. If negative, results are limited from the end of the query list towards the beginning. By default, results are not limited.