Used by RendererFactory2 to associate custom rendering data and styles with a rendering implementation.

      interface RendererType2 {
  id: string
  encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation
  styles: (string | any[])[]
  data: {...}


id: string

A unique identifying string for the new renderer, used when creating unique styles for encapsulation.

encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation

The view encapsulation type, which determines how styles are applied to DOM elements. One of

  • Emulated (default): Emulate native scoping of styles.
  • Native: Use the native encapsulation mechanism of the renderer.
  • ShadowDom: Use modern Shadow DOM and create a ShadowRoot for component's host element.
  • None: Do not provide any template or style encapsulation.
styles: (string | any[])[]

Defines CSS styles to be stored on a renderer instance.

data: { [kind: string]: any; }

Defines arbitrary developer-defined data to be stored on a renderer instance. This is useful for renderers that delegate to other renderers.