ng e2e

Builds and serves an Angular app, then runs end-to-end tests using Protractor.

ng e2e <project> [options]
      ng e2e <project> [options]
ng e <project> [options]
      ng e <project> [options]


Must be executed from within a workspace directory. When a project name is not supplied, it will execute for all projects.



The name of the project to build. Can be an app or a library.



Base URL for protractor to connect to.


A named build target, as specified in the "configurations" section of angular.json. Each named target is accompanied by a configuration of option defaults for that target.

别名: -c


Dev server target to run tests against.


Start Protractor's Element Explorer for debugging.

默认值: false


Shows a help message for this command in the console.

默认值: false


Host to listen on.

默认值: localhost


The port to use to serve the application.


When true, sets the build configuration to the production target. All builds make use of bundling and limited tree-shaking. A production build also runs limited dead code elimination.

默认值: false


The name of the Protractor configuration file.


Override specs in the protractor config.


Override suite in the protractor config.


Try to update webdriver.

默认值: true